Shaman Luna


The music style of Aurélien Favère is is hard to discribe, his universe is of his own : gliding, psychedelic, progressive, relaxant, poetics, liberator, hypnotic, mysterious and shamanic, in the delirious bright colors.

Fusion of various differents styles: atmosphere, new wave, electro music, classic, chill out, instrumental and theme music.

The influences are varied, between the 70s
( Pink Floyd, Tim Buckley, The Doors, king Crimson, Soft Machine, Sweet Smoke, Janis, Hendrix, etc.) until our days Sebastien Tellier, Dead Can Dance, Air, Enigma …

His Music was often said as "hippy", it is inspired by improvisation and meditation, as enjoyment and ceremony party.

In the album " From Another Galaxy "

Craig Walker singer of Mineral (ex-singer of Archive and power of dream) joined the experience as performer, singing 3 songs translated to french into English.

Let fly with and discover by yourself the incredible world of shamanluna.