Shaman Luna

Aurélien Favère

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist musician, he finished in 2013 his first album entitled "D'une Autre Galaxie" ("From Another Galaxy") which he signed under the name of Shamanluna. After studying classical piano, Aurélien Favère studied at the IMFP, a jazz school in Salon de Provence, France, and returned to Guadeloupe in 2001 to compose..

The music style of Aurélien Favère is is hard to discribe, his universe is of his own : gliding, psychedelic, progressive, relaxant, poetics, liberator, hypnotic, mysterious and shamanic, in the delirious bright colors.

Fusion of various differents styles: atmosphere, new wave, electro music, classic, chill out, instrumental and theme music.

The influences are varied, between the 70s
( Pink Floyd, Tim Buckley, The Doors, king Crimson, Soft Machine, Sweet Smoke, Janis, Hendrix, etc.) until our days Sebastien Tellier, Dead Can Dance, Air …

His Music was often said as "hippy", it is inspired by improvisation and meditation, as enjoyment and ceremony party.

Since his island, Aurélien Favère is looking for interested studios in London to finish his already well started album. A studio answers him, that of JulianChown, director of Joules Production. Through this intermediary, was born the collaboration between Shamanluna and Craig Walker, singer of Mineral, known in Europe notably with the group Archive or Power of Dream, and produced by the producer of Oasis. With his hoarse and charming voice, coming from the Anglo-Saxon Pop Rock, he interprets 3 titles in English.

Let fly with and discover by yourself the incredible world of shamanluna.